“Traces of You on Me” Chapter 5 : Memory lane’s last flame…

In the beginning things could be all peaches and cream, then something could happen and you might like where you are headed. Then Boom!!! Your past makes a pivotal appearence and your feelings become confused

Perkins Pool Basketball Court 10:30a.m.


” You can’t guard me , it’s gonna be two dribbles , I’m gonna cross you then I’m in the lane.” Vice said as he brought the ball up court.

“Pass the rock, you ain’t got nothing coming”, a woman shouted out from the stands .

Vice had looked over to see who it was … it was a group of women walking laps around the park. There was a loud one in the bunch tryna get noticed, everyone on the court had paused for a second

” Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ! Didn’t nobody tell you to jump ” Vice hollered as he hit the ground after an explosive game point dunk.

That was it for Vice , he had ran 5 games and got a good workout with a good sweat. Every other Saturday Vice got with the guys and played Basketball. Vice took his body seriously and tried to stay in shape as he got older. Basketball kept him in shape and connected to his youthful passion for being competitive.

As Vice sat on the benches and sipped his Fiji water he thought about Sin in a major way. Things had been going great for them and they had been enjoying each other a great deal. Things were moving at a steady pace , but there were parts of Vice that craved a little more of Sin. Sometimes time flies when you are having a good time.

” So you ain’t gonna speak Vee ?” A familiar annoying voice said .

Vice was extracted from his thoughts to be taken back in time . Standing in front of him was love and hate in the same sentence. Roxy short for Roxanne.

Roxanne was the poster girl for chocolate beauty with an attitude. She was about 5’8″ , thick , booty jiggling every where, big white smile, her hair stayed in braids most of the time every now and then she let it down . All men would consider her a cold piece of work. She was bad and she was on a mission to collect his soul. She hadn’t seen him in 3 years , she specifically was looking for him today.

As far as Vice was concerned she was a thing of the past. He and Roxanne were in a relationship for about 2 1/2 years . It wasn’t a bad relationship, they loved each other and got along but Vice seen things going in a direction of where he didn’t wanna be. He had brought these things to her attention , but she dismissed his concern. What Roxanne didn’t realize about Vice was that he was a knowledgeable person who knew what time it was . His purpose in her life was minimized, if not removed completely at the time.Vice left her without a good bye, an argument , or a mild trace of himself. Vice knew that trying to get Roxanne on his same page was like talking to a person who couldn’t hear or understand english. Vice really loved her but not at the cost of abandoning his belief system. She cleary wanted a push over.

“Oh hey, how are you ?” Vice replied with no eye contact as he pulled his phone out .

” Oh I’m fine ” , Roxy said with her hands on her hips.” I really wanna holler at you ” she continued.

” Yeah, what about? ” Vice said in a monotone

” You know what about … don’t act like you don’t know ” Roxy responded with her signature attitude.

What does she want? It honestly can’t be me …I know damn well it’s been more than enough time for her to be over us . I haven’t seen this woman in like 3 years what could she possibly want with me?

” Don’t forget I know where you live ” she said over her shoulder as she walked away switching her booty so hard everybody on the court was hypnotized. It was swinging so hard even Vice became a victim for minute.

” Wash that car ” Roxy said playfully whipping her hair for effect as she walked away.

A text message snapped Vice out of the trance he was in.


Hey Babe, I’m sorry I’m going to have to cancel dinner tonight , something came up …. I’ll call you later πŸ’―πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜


It’s cool , I’m about leave the court and wash my car. I feel like sliding through the city with the chrome showing…maybe we will bump into each other before the Sun rises.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦


I’ll call youπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜. I definitely wanna ride that pony to sleep.

Vice drove down to the car wash and began to detail his car and prepare for a night on the town riding solo.

Somewhere in Akron , Oh 10:16 p.m.


Sin and her friends Passion and Soul , had went and got real lady like. Hair done, nails popped in exotic colors, they went and ran a muck in Saks Fifth ave. They were ready for action and eye candy would be an understatement. They were looking good and they knew it.

They had planned to hit a few spots before heading to a big party that was being hosted by Soul’s big brother . Some of everybody that knows the other half of everybody was more than likely to show up. And it was definitely gonna have the city Akron buzzing.

” Three shots of Patron red box please ” Soul said already turnt up and full of energy.

” Slow down girl it’s only a lil after ten my baby”, Passion said as she lit her swisher. ” So what’s up with you Sin you’ve been quiet all night.”

” I feel kinda bad , I broke off a date tonight with Vice we were supposed to go to dinner. ” Sin replied after she took her shot down ” He was pretty cool about it , said he was gonna ride around and show off his car tonight “.

” What kind of car he got ? ” Soul said as a matter of fact.

” Ferrari ” Sin said .

” Well damn if he rolling like that , when y’all going down the aisle? ” Passion ask with sarcasm in her voice.

” Three more shots of Patron please ” Sin said trying to change the subject.

Although Soul and Passion are definitely Sin’s closest and dear friends she’s very private about her love life. Especially when she like a guy. Mainly because her friends were single and they were savages. Sin once was a savage as well but that changed when she met Vice … She seen that what had developed between her and Vice was headed in a good direction , and she celebrated her happiness in the company of Vice.

Little did Sin know she was gonna run into a small piece of memory lane.

Sin and her friends went for a third round of Patron before heading to the big party downtown.

It was looking like a car show in the parking lot, there were Chargers, Challengers, Camaro, Benzes, Beamers, and whatever car you can think of was out there trying to be seen. The front of the club looked like a Hollywood Premiere, the line was around the corner.

” Hey lil mama remember me, it’s me Max ” a tall dark man doing security said.

“Traces of you on me” Chapter 4 : A great beginning

6 months into a budding relationship

After a few more outings and spending time together Sin and Vice became close and exclusive. They had gotten to know each other without any drama or conflict. They had become friends in love with each other and had become inseparable. They were both hardworking individuals and they played even harder.

” Damn baby , you looking real good today ” Vice said as he eyed Sin getting out of her car.

” I’m glad you noticed , this all you anyway ” Sin replied as her lips met his .

Vice and Sin were getting together this evening to eat dinner and watch some movies. It was Vice’s turn to host and cook and Sin loved his cooking. Vice knows his way around the kitchen after getting to know Sin in the last 6 months he learned that Sin liked to eat healthy and light as well as before 730pm.

Vice had prepared a chicken parmesan lasagna, a recipe he found on Pinterest and mastered to perfection. A fresh tossed salad . And of course some kool aid, grape lemonade.

” This lasagna is delicious, what all you put in it ” , Sin said as her appetite took over.

” Now if I tell you , I might not see you for a while you will be at home making it … I gotta keep what I cook for you exclusive because I gotta keep you coming back. ” Vice replied with a straight face that morphed into a devilish grin.

” You got something else that I keep coming back for and I don’t need the recipe for ” Sin said flirting with her beautiful brown eyes.

Quality time will do wonders for a relationship

Vice and Sin finished eating their dinner and got cuddled up on the the couch to watch movies. Usually by the second movie the tv would end up watching them and tonight wasn’t any different . Their attraction to each other was magnetic.

Intimacy was at an all-time high between Vice and Sin. They had a chemistry that they never experienced before. When Vice kissed her he always pulled her in close and she received his affection by reciprocating his gesture. Vice had a thing for rubbing his hands into Sin’s butter soft skin from her bare feet to every other inch of her. Sin loved it because it relaxed her and put her mind far away from stress. Everything was natural between them.

Sin got up from the couch and went to the bathroom. She waited about 2-3 minutes and sent him a text message. The text read “Hurry , something is leaking real bad in your bathroom”.

Vice jump up and ran to the bathroom . When he got in there Sin was standing there wearing nothing but a smile with the shower running and her braids gathered above her head in head wrap.

“So you gonna check on this leak or stand there with your mouth open” Sin said seductively.

Vice undressed quickly and joined sin in the shower. Vice watched the water from the shower head travel down her body with his undivided attention. Desire and pleasure was about to get ready to rumble.

Sin made her fountain of pleasure available to Vice by placing one leg at the rim of tub. Vice proceeded to quench his thirst and feed his hunger for Sin’s body. Sin with her eyes closed , and back to the wall of the shower, she grabbed the back of Vice’s head and guided his taste buds to her climax until her body trembled.

Not wasting anytime Vice lifted Sin and held her carefully as he stood up in it. As Vice gathered his balance and grip on her thighs , Sin locked her legs around him and held his neck and received what she was looking for. Bouncing and moans of pleasure was the soundtrack. Sin was in a place she never been before , she had repeated orgasms before Vice exploded in her and became weak in the knees.

“What did you do to me?” Sin said as she was breathing heavily.

” Left traces of me on you.” Vice said as he dried himself off.

To be continued…

” Traces of you on Me ” Chapter 3

You can never know how true Love is until it’s over, everything in hindsight is viewed with 20-20 vision

Somewhere in Akron, Ohio 9:15 a.m.


As Vice slowly awakens he realizes that he is not at home in his bed as well as he’s in the bed by himself. He yawns and his memory refreshes its self . The smell of breakfast was definitely nearby, potatoes & onions , eggs scrambled with cheese, fried wing dings & Belgium waffles , but when his eyes began to focus … There she was the sunrise.

Sin was looking at him holding a breakfast tray wearing nothing but her soul and a smile.

” Look I made breakfast, After last night extras I knew you would wake up hungry” Sin said as she smiled .

Thank you , I don’t know what I wanna eat first, you or this lovely food. You must got IHOP in your kitchen.

As Vice enjoyed his breakfast with the view of Sin inspiring appreciation in his smile, these thoughts paraded his mind.

Damn she is fine, I think it’s best not to let this one get away. She lightweight just knocked me off with this breakfast. It was like dessert feeding me an entre… I definitely want seconds. Last night was amazing , she must have enjoyed herself at the show she got extra comfortable…of course I didn’t mind but damn now she got me eating this hearty breakfast. Eggs with cheese melting in my mouth , she done fried some chicken so good it might be some voodoo on the low…Is this what love is like …nah not this fast …I know that I’m feeling her … I have just see where it goes let me not just jump out the window…I wonder how she feels about me for real …These deep long love wounds she left on my back ,tell me she enjoyed herself last night … I remember my dude told me , ” Women mark you with traces of them on you, and they do it by the way they feed you, touch you , receive you, and while you are  enjoying great quality of a woman’s worth she is marking you as hers.” Let me just enjoy the moment.

” This food is good good, I see you got some whip game” , Vice said he took the last bite of an empty plate.

” I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m gonna fatten you up ” sin laughed as she began putting on workout clothes.

“Nah , I’m on my way to run this off its Saturday I’m going shoot some hoops this afternoon” ,Vice said he got dressed . ” I gotta stay in shape. Although somebody got me weak in the knees this morning. This breakfast put me back together real quick.” Vice continued

“Txt me later on” Sin said as they hugged and parted ways…

Somewhere in Akron, Ohio 10:45 a.m.


Sin meets up with her friends Soul and Passion . They grew up together in highschool and hang out quite often. Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s they meet up at planet fitness to keep their bodies together and to chat it up.

Sin and her friends were independent women who handled their business diligently. They had their own and didn’t mind letting it be known. They had it made , they had everything , everything but a Love life. Past events in their lives have left scars and put them in time out for relationships . Although they see different men from time to time, it’s dating with no titles .

” Come on Sin spill the beans , seen you on the gram last night at the House of Blues…How you get tickets to that? …It’s been sold out for months. ” Soul said anxiously.

” I met this guy Vice a couple months ago through a few mutual friends I did business with . He shot his shot. We had a nice txt and talk rhythm for a couple months. He said he had tickets one day , I took him to dinner he took me to the show. It was nice I enjoyed myself ” , Sin smiled as she explained.

Oh yeah did you sample the chocolate?…Passion interjected.

” Did I? … inquiring minds want to know. ” Sin replied with a smirk.

Sin and her friends started off their work out on the stair master , then the exercise bike, then squats with the medicine ball and finished with some crunches. They like to look good and health was wealth.

On the ride home Sin had the radio locked to 93.1 F.M. , WZAK. The radio station for love songs, and good black music. That Keith Sweat ” Right way to love ” as she sang along with a smile her thoughts filled up with images of Vice.

He’s different he taken me on the best date I’ve had in a while. He smelled so good . I wonder what he thinks of me ? I had to get me some of that he did everything right he had been a gentleman the whole night …I know what usher was talking about when he said two shots of Patron and it was surely on. He definitely tapped into another part of me . Had me making him breakfast . I wonder if he’s the player type … Nah … I don’t regret it , it was good …Vice is nice….real nice. Let me live with the results.

To Be Continued

” Traces of you on me ” : Chapter 2

As Vice and Sin made it safely back to Akron after a night of fine dining, a romantic R & B concert , a few drinks and many kisses later. They arrive at Sin’s house, Vice like a gentleman walks her to her door.

Somewhere in Akron, Oh. 1: 12 a.m.

” I really enjoyed you tonight , the concert was great. I haven’t seen a show like that in years ” Sin said with joy in her voice.

” Yeah , it was going!!! Grown folks music” Vice replied with a smile.

Vice and Sin stood in the doorway and continued to talk about the concert and somewhere in the middle of that conversation they ended up locked at the lips kissing passionately. Their hands all over each other . Sin then pulled Vice into the house , and led him to her bedroom.

At this point passion took over and their clothes almost removed themselves rapidly.

Sin layed back on the bed as Vice explored her body with more than his eyes . With kisses and licks starting their journey at herΒ  inner left ankle and up her curvy thigh stopping short of her private party, then the same on right. Sending sensual anticipation through her body like an electric shock. Vice’s exploration continued with him spelling his name across her stomach with his tongue. Sin became powerless to Vice’s method of foreplay as she became moist beyond her control. The he devoured her , in way she had never experienced. As her pleasure began to vibrate the soul occupying her coke bottle body, Sin caressed Vice’s head as she exploded with some melanin sweet as a peach picked in the south.

It wasn’t long before Sin returned the favor in a major way, that had Vice’s mind blown. He definitely was overly grateful, so grateful he thanked her repeatedly as she turned the temperature up in his body.

” Damn bay…you not wasting no time turning me into sucker” Vice said as Sin had his full undivided attention.

All in one motion Sin and Vice merged their personal space gracefully and got close as they could to each other. Their souls tied together like a shoestring double knotted. Enjoying the exchange of pleasures put them in heaven with one another.

As the love making got deeper , Sin’s freshly done colorful nails found their way into Vice’s back . That only made him accelerate his technique. When they climaxed , the smell of rain emerged from the bedroom window . It started pouring down hard, as Sin fell fast asleep in Vice’s arms…

To be continued…

Traces of you on me – Chapter 1

Time is of an essence and current presence, much like seeds being planted and growingΒ  into a brighter version of a good idea or feeling. Some ideas or feelings develop with the proper nourishment and care. Depending on the energy applied the results are always going to be growth.

Somewhere in Akron, Ohio. 7:45pm

” So how do I look babe ” ? Sin seductively said to Vice.

Vice turn to look Sin dead in the eye ,then his eyes wandered a path from her red bottoms and French manicured soft feet to that perfectly toned piece of leg she had revealed to how her silk dress made love to her shape . His eyes continued their journey slowly rising to the point where their eyes make the second contact .

A warmth came over Vice’s body and his nature began to rise as he spoke, “Damn baby you not playing no games, looking like a dream come true… Damn !!!”

Sin smiled wide and blushed on the inside . There isn’t anything like being admired by a man she was interested in.

Sin and Vice were all decked out for a date nite , dinner and a concert. Vice had came across some tickets to an R&B concert from a friend at work and asked Sin to accompany him to the concert. She accepted the invitation under the circumstances she was able to take him to dinner to a restaurant of her choice. Vice wasn’t foolish , he had been talking to Sin for a while now about a month , and he finally got her to go out with him it definitely was all his pleasure.

” I’m ready if you are…” Sin said excited about the evening to come.

Vice led Sin to his car , opened to her car door , shut the door for her like a certified gentleman. He walked around the back of the car as he watched her reach over and unlock the driver door. In his book she was fine and had some sense, that inspired a smile as he got in the car.

Almost simultaneously they said to each other ” What are you smiling about ” ?

They had shared a mutual laugh and an emotional lift due to how they had just treated each other. With some respect and tradition.

They had a 30 – 40 min drive to Cleveland. They rode up I-77, enjoying some throwback R&B jams. They sharedΒ  conversation in which they talked aboutΒ  everything from , work , family , tv , kids , and even how much they are presently enjoying each other’s company.

They arrive to the restaurant of Sin’s choice , a Japanese steakhouse near the West bank of the Flats near the water. Sin made reservations and their waiter immediately led them to a table with a beautiful night view of the water. The perfect background for a lovely memory for the two.

Vice was definitely impressed with her choice of restaurant. The Japanese decor of the place set a tone of intimacy and calmness to the atmosphere.

” This place is nice. You must be a regular here they got us at a great table ” , Vice expressed with a smile.

Sin asked Vice if he minded if she ordered for him because he had never been there before and she wanted to share her taste with him. Vice being open minded he didn’t mind as long as there wasn’t any pork or Lima beans involved he was all for it . Besides he was ready to eat.

After about 15 minutes of small talk and cocktails, their waitress arrived with their appetizer. Shortly after that , the main entre` was being served to them in the style of royalty. The food was piping hot with steam rising off of it.

Vice was a little concerned what she might have ordered for him , seeing how she ordered speaking Japanese. Which in his mind made her that more sexier as got to know her.

“Sin you must be trying to knock me clean off , treating me to steak and lobster on the first date” said jokingly looking her in the eyes until she smiled.

” You never know, I might put your handsome self on the stroll”Β  Sin responded as she dripped some butter across her lobster tail .

Vice couldn’t do nothing but laugh…

Sin and Vice dug into their meals and continued to enjoy more friendly conversation as they ate.

They left the restaurant and Vice drove to the House of Blues to the sold out, ” New Jack Swing tour. It was people everywhere line around the corner. Everyone dressed like they were going to win a Grammy. Everyone trying to get in before the showΒ  started.

After standing in line for about 20 minutes , Sin and Vice made it to their seats in time with some drinks to see Keith Sweat open the the show with ” How deep is your Love” . The crowd went crazy…

Vice reach over and grab and held Sin’s hand as Keith Sweat did all the begging and pleading for every man at the show. Sin responded with a smile and by getting closer and they began slow dancing right there at there seats as if no one else was in the venue.

As the show went on Sin and Vice had connected in a way that put desert on their minds. The live R & B had casted a serious sensual vibe on the two … Things began to heat up…

The Concert ended after about 2hrs . As Sin and Vice walked to the car locked at the hip . It was safe to say the ice had been broken . They had been sipping Hennessy and Patron became quite comfortable with each other. Now their interactions with one another involved touching , seductive eye contact and their lips meeting in between their sentences.

Vice drove back to Akron on one … Got back to Akron in 27 minutes . With Sin right next to him heating him with thoughts of how this night potentially end. Sin was looking more than fine tonight. She had awaken the ” Jones in his bones ” … Vice was open like 7-11.

No one should expect SEX on the first date , but like everyone in the world knows … two things 1. Things are subject to change and 2. Anything can happen.

Sin was definitely feeling Vice tonight . It was something about the way he treated her this evening. He was smelling good and that played sweet music throughout her hormones. In her mind at this point she is ready for some late night desert….

To be continued …

” She is so fine “

I want tell you about this lady that I seen today …

From her feet to her teeth , she was glowing. Her hair was popped and flowing. Curvy with her’s in the cake department. Soft juicy lips . That skin could give silk a run for the money. She had joy in her eyes , but she was looking like 1st Prize. The nerve she had was something else, she stopped time with that walk. She was feeling herself.

Her smile was priceless and pearly white. Her conversation had life. The beauty in her face was like a blessing of fresh air. The presence she had was peaceful like a floral arrangement. She was blooming with attraction. Lights , camera, and she was that action.

She reminded me of warm weather with a lot of sunshine. One of a kind with her own mind. Blessed with a touch that could tame a beast. With skills in the kitchen to cook a feast.

She was so fine to me that I was ready to get on my knees to beg and plead. Quickly , she went from being a craving to a need.

Dear Love: ” the first letter”

Dear Love,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I wanted to take the time out to reach out to you because I’ve missed you .

In my heart you have always lived . In my life you created great feelings, smiles, and definitely brought me through some trying times. Where would I be without You?

With your value being greater than silver and gold , I definitely don’t mind sharing you with others . Not just anybody because everyone doesn’t want you, merely because they don’t know you.

You inspire hugs, kisses, smiles , warm embraces, hand shakes and care. You bring out the best in myself and others.  You bring people together in a method that could never be duplicated.

You are always there … You are everywhere… In the air, over here , over there.

Sometimes you go missing in action, or you get lost but always are found at the most expected times. Every single time looking good as ever in your original form.

When you leave it hurts so bad it’s like you got an automatic switch for tears, and you can’t even be seen. Tapped into the soul with the password to our emotions. You definitely not to be played with.

I’m patiently waiting to see you again… I know you are out there somewhere…



You Can’t fix your Ex in The New Relationship ,” New Lover is not the Ex”

Although many times we try so hard to forget that toxic relationship that took us through the ringer. A relationship that included verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, lack of trust or respect. Overall it was a relationship that started out good but didn’t work out.

Imagine giving “Love” another try with someone else you have met , dated, and developed feelings for. Everything is going well and you are definitely enjoying the relationship. Creating new memories and experiences. Making plans that confirm you are both committed to being happy together for a long time because the both of you are looking forward to those plans.

Then there comes the part of relationships we all dread ” The Rough Patch ” . Disagreements, Opinions, insecurities, finances, infidelity, and power struggle are all common seeds of the beginning of the ” rough patch ” and most likely could be the end of what could have been a wonderful love story.

Traces of old flames or old relationships may still remain whether we admit it or not. It could be all mental, it could be that you might still run into this person because of still living in the same city, you have children together, or some tied connections, that doesn’t allow you to avoid them . Believe it or not sometimes this could affect you and possibly your new relationship.

In some cases our new ” Love ” may have characteristics of an old relationship(s) that we are more than ok with. ( the good aspects ) No harm there at all , we like what we like and what we love needs no explanation. It’s almost like a mental checklist that make you comfortable with what the love affair could be .

Those undesirable traits, flags, or what I like to call the ghosts of ex’s. These can be a number of things that usually don’t reveal themselves so soon. In certain situations they can be the smallest things and in others they are major deal breakers that broke previous relationships to a million pieces.

In a new relationship , two individuals decide to spend time together, live life together, and decide to do it exclusively . If you plan on making it work in harmony, you have to remember that you and your “Love interest ” are just that individuals . All men are not the same, all females are not the same, but we must realize you can’t fix your ex through your next because that situation is over now. You are in a new place . Even if you get back with an old flame … Its still a new relationship, enjoy it , get along , and be in Love.

And Besides Why would you want to change the person that you are in Love with?


Before you turn the lights off and light a candle, share a warm embrace while looking each other’s eyes …Meet each other half way with your lips and your eyes closed…Then open them and smile.

See where it goes. What will it lead to? What kind of feelings will it create. How closer will you become? Will your connection become stronger.?

Unbox the Vibe and let the bond do what it do. You can never rush a beautiful moment with anxiety or excitement . Sometimes you have to you have to let the desire simmer and let the anticipation build.

Try something new and out of the ordinary to initiate the flame of burning desire. Create a language without words but with touch and reaction. Move in an unselfish manner toward a shared destination of pleasure.

Love on the same time pt. 1

If love lasted for an hour at time, just 60 minutes of everything love is and what it will become would it feel just as good in its present? Would it hurt when the hour ended like most break ups do? How would you give ? How you receive? 60 minutes to meet each other’s needs!!!!

All good things must begin somewhere and more than likely end somewhere else.

At first sight you are in Love with a person , from head to toe,as well as mind , body , and soul. The first minute you feel a tingly feelings known as ” Butterflies ” that caress and abandon your body like an invisible hand. You are smiling from ear to ear looking Love dead in the face. When you are in Love, beauty is deeper than the surface of the skin.

Followed by the first scent of your deepest attraction. Love is smelling real good at this point. So good the nose usually leads to the taste buds….

As the time ticks 15 minutes in Love become a force of nature much like a moth to a flame. Attraction locking like a magnet .The Whole world in your reach , so close you can touch it. Once love touches then feelings are created because energy mixes and exchanges.

45 minutes left to enjoy the love of your life . The greatest love of All. ALL OF EVERYTHING MONEY , BEST SEX, BEAUTIFUL HOME ,VIBE ON A TRILLION , but it ends after one hour.

Would you give Love another try?

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